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CELLAR MASTERS™ was created for the purpose of helping solve a problem faced by many serious wine collectors:

Minimal spare time to devote to accumulating wine and managing their wine cellars.

Brad Vanderpool, owner of Primo Vino, experienced this as his cellar grew from a modest 100 bottles to the nearly 3,000 bottles in his current collection. Combining his 20 years of experience as an avid wine importer, retailer and restaurateur, Brad has designed a unique method of working with clients to identify and solve whatever collecting issues they face. From cellar design and storage, to acquisition, to inventory and professional cellar management, Brad combines his expertise and unique insights with a warm, passionate, enthusiastic style that clients trust and appreciate.Our goal is to maximize the enjoyment of your cellar room and the wine it holds. That's especially so for serious collectors and hobbyists who desire tracking and managing a collection in concert with a personal consultant who will also help them buy their wine.


Designing the ideal wine cellar is a matter of available space and budget. For those with ample space, the wine cellar is an extension of their home and greater emphasis can be placed on aesthetics and atmosphere.A cellar can be built almost anywhere to meet almost any budget. If your intention is to acquire and store truly age-worthy wines, design emphasis must be placed on both current and future capacity. By working together we can develop a variety of approaches to meet your wine cellaring needs.


Deciding what to purchase might seem like a simple process, but it can become a very frustrating experience, especially when you’re trying to find that “certain” wine. There are three key variables that enter the acquisition equation; knowing what you want, where to find it, and its availability and cost. We can help by knowing your tastes and collecting objectives, and then we can give you guidance on better acquisitions.


Lack of time or inclination to organize a growing wine cellar is not conducive to a functional and pleasing wine collection! How frustrating not to be able to find that special bottle for a special occasion, or worse yet, once located and opened, find that it’s dead and gone because you didn’t track its life span.The way to avoid disasters like these is to utilize us as your full-time cellar masters. First, we complete a thorough inventory of your collection so you know exactly what you have. Then, we deliver a user-friendly list that arranges the wine for easy retrieval; for example, purchase price, country, name/appellation, drink-by-dates, bin numbers and more. Once installed it's easy to update and we’ll even maintain it for you.


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