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Primo Vino specializes in purchasing wine in a method similar to buying commodities. Our experts seek out great wines directly from the vineyards and winemakers. When the wine is purchased in this manner it can be acquired at a much lower cost prior to the national press giving glowing reviews. Once the wines have been reviewed the wines typically become very expensive and rarely available.

Our website allows our clients the opportunity to purchase the wine prior to it ever arriving in the state of Colorado. This method is called a FUTURE. Primo Vino will only classify a wine as a future when the price, quantity, and arrival date are known. Future purchases can be made up to two months in advance.

PRESALES are also available through the Primo Vino website. The presale option is already in use for some of the greatest wines (Bordeaux) in the world. However, because Primo Vino has relationships with many of the wineries around the world we can offer this presale option on more than just the highly prized negotiants. Presales can be purchased now for as little as three months or as far into the future as five years. The length of time will be determined by the wines release and included in the website description. A presale has a fixed price, but does not guarantee the final price or availability of the specific wine.

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